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HLG Kart Race Rules & Regulations

  1. All parents and racers are to use good sporting behaviour during the kart race. Please remember it should be a fun day for all.

  2. All racers competing in an age category must be that age on the day of the race.

  3. The minimum age for racers is 7 years old.

  4. The results for the kart race will be determined by the time taken to race from the start to the finish line.

  5. No outside support is allowed between the start and finish lines of a race. Parents or other family/friends should not push a racer along any part of the track.

  6. As a safety requirement, racers must wear the shirts provided for the kart race.

  7. The following equipment is mandatory:
    • Bike Helmet (correctly fitted beforehand)
    • Suitable covered footwear such as trainers/sport shoes. Flip flops are not allowed

  8. The wearing of gloves is recommended.

  9. Racers are required to display their racer number during the kart race on their arm.

  10. For each age group, the 8 racers with the best time will qualify for the quarter finals.

  11. If the age group has fewer than 8 racers, the races for that age group will start with a quarter final, therefore the 4 racers with the best time will qualify for the semi-final.

  12. Karts must have a braking system and a minimum space of 92 cm (36 inches) between the front and rear axle.

  13. Owners/users of freestyle karts are responsible to load and unload their karts on the starting ramp and on the trailer. Any damage caused during the race or during the transportation will not be borne by the event organisers.

  14. Given the extensive usage of the karts, some repairs may need to be conducted. Racers and parents are required to be patient and courteous with the volunteers in the Pit Stop during the repairs.

  15. If a kart should unfortunately become unserviceable during a qualifying race or during the final, the racer will get a replacement kart and another opportunity to race.

  16. Racers and parents must follow the direction of the Kart Race Officials at all times. 

  17. Every effort is made to ensure a fair race for every racer. Protests may be made orally by racers or parents but must be made discretely and respectfully to the race committee.  The committee's decision will be final. 

  18. Penalties for unfair actions or violation of these rules may include: a time penalty added to a racers finish time. 

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the FAQ or Rules & Regulations
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